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DAGDAG Dancers at the Ocean


November 16, 2019 2:30p, 8:00p

Introducing our first, full-length evening show, Passage. Join us for an evening of movement exploration as we perform DAGDAG Dance originals, including the award-winning, "Argonauts," and "Garner Suite," as well as new selections debuting exclusively during this innovative, engaging event.


We will premiere 3 new works inspired by the definition of Passage: a right, liberty, or permission to pass. We are bombarded by many superficial ideas in this day and age. Art making is essential to deepen our understanding of being human in today’s society and to have the liberty to be authentic. Our goal is to shed light on this matter through a meaningful performance that resonates and is open to interpretation. 


 We will also present several works that center around ideas of human relationships, searching for identity, community, and self-acceptance. The production will include 19 dancers and 3 musicians.

Additionally, we are honored to feature choreography from guest artist, Irishia Hubbard.

DIAVOLO, 616 Moulton Ave. Los Angeles, CA

Tickets: $25 pre-order, $30 at the door. 

 I N T R O D U C I N G


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