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DAGDAG Dance is a contemporary dance company in Long Beach, CA directed by Jestoni “Jet” Dagdag. Founded in 2017, the company’s mission is to foster a professional and collaborative space for local dancers. Also, to provide performance opportunities and a platform to share their passion and art to the ever growing community of dance in Southern California. Since its inception, the company has produced a full-length show, and has participated in numerous dance festivals such Orange County Dance Festival, Front & Main Dance Festival, Ballet Fest, and SoCal Dance and Choreography Festival to name a few. It is also a frequent guest in school dance shows, and fundraising events across the region. DAGDAG Dance’s style is rooted from ballet, modern, jazz, and contemporary. These styles are reflected on the company’s versatile repertoire. The company hopes to inspire by bringing unique, entertaining and thought provoking works to the table for both patrons of the arts and the general audience.

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